Spiritual Intrusion


 2-day Weekend Workshop



From a shamanic point of view, one cause of illness is called spiritual intrusions or blockages.  This can cause a person to lose their power, their energy and fragment their soul. Harmful intrusions can manifest as physical and/or emotional illness. The role of the shaman is to safely extract or remove the harmful intrusion(s) from the client’s body, restoring the client’s body to its vitality by bringing it back into balance and harmony.




Workshop construct: teaching, demonstration and hands-on experiential work.

This advanced workshop is designed for individuals who:

·         have solid journeying skills and a working relationship with their helping spirits

·         wish to bring shamanic healing techniques into their practice for others

·         seek knowledge and understanding of spiritual intrusions

·        wish to learn safe and effective techniques of extraction work

·         choose to learn how to transform and transfigure harmful intrusions

·         wish to meet requirements for Sandra Ingerman’s Teacher Training


Participants are trained to learn about:

·         Shamanic illness and healing

·         What spiritual intrusions are and their causes

·        Transformation and transfiguration

·         The power of words and thoughts

·        How to shift energy

·         Psychosynthesis (Roberto Assagioli, MD)

·        Extraction Process – various safe methods

·         Aftercare for clients

·        Protection for client and practitioner

·         Through the journey how to work with helping spirits



Prerequisite: Must have taken a Beginning Shamanic Journey Class.





Saturday, February 24th and Sunday, February 25th, 2018 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.


Location:  Glendora, California


Tuition: $325 – includes lunch, snacks and beverage.  $75 deposit guarantees your seat. Full balance due no later than Thursday, February 15, 2018. Class size is limited to 8 participants.



Pay through Venmo – katyingersoll@gmail.com or PayPal below or mail a check

made payable to:  Katy Ingersoll, PO Box 2284, Glendora, California 91740


Contact:  Katy Ingersoll at (cell) 626-483-8920;  email:  katyingersoll@gmail.com

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Extraction - Spiritual Intrusion (Due by 2-15-17)
Katy Ingersoll reserves the right to cancel any Workshop Training or Class for any reason. In this instance, all fees paid in advance will be completely refunded. In addition, Katy Ingersoll reserves the right to cancel the participation of any person in a workshop at any time. In that instance, fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.
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