November 2017 Newsletter
Eleventh Moon Cycle - Clan Mother Walks Tall Woman - Walking Our Truth
Clan Mother Walks Tall Woman is the Mother of Leadership through perseverance and stamina.  She is the Keeper of New Pathways.  Her connection color is White.  She embodies the meaning of Actions Speak Louder than Words.
Her Medicine Shield reminds us:
  • To walk our truth without fear of what others may think of us
  • That Reputation is based on our integrity and inner knowing
  • To honor our Self through relationship with our Creator
  • To be human, honoring our strengths as well as our weaknesses, honoring our light as well as our shadow
  • To Value leadership by being responsible in thought, word and action
  • To always do our personal best
  • To explore all options and innovations
  • To honor our body through exercise, good eating and sleeping habits creating a healthy mind
Medicine Wheel
November sits in the West Direction - home of the Element of Water - Clan Mothers Medicine Wheel of Equality - Season of Autumn - Archetype Mother Jaguar - home of the Feminine Principle - Third Path of Initiation

Seven Paths of Initiation
As we walk our path on Mother Earth we go through many growths and initiations.  There is something called the Seven Paths of Initiation. These Paths are not rigid rules that require mastering but are lessons and teachings for us so we can reach our full potential. In the West Direction sits the Third Path of Initiation. This Path contains lessons and teachings of:
  • Discernment - our ability, our free Will to make choices – where are we investing our energy; on the positive or negative side of things?
  • Responsibility - for our healing process – maturity into adulthood
  • Laughter – especially at our self.  Laughter releases rigid, stagnated, fixed cords in and around us
  • Boundaries – it is our birthright to create strong, healthy boundaries – learn to honor Self by saying “no” to others and “yes” to Self.
  • Listening – a mainstay on the Third Path, learning to listen by using all our perceptions – observing, absorbing and understanding another’s words and intent
  • Forgiveness –letting go of our pain; allowing our hearts to remain open for longer periods of time; to respect who we are and maintain our Sacred Points of View
Suggested Journeys for November
Dis-memberment-Re-memberment; Meet with the spirit of Water and ask for a healing; ask Clan Mother Walks Tall Woman for assistance on your earth walk; meet with the spirit of Third Path of Initiation, or the spirit of the West Direction for information you need to know now.  Don’t forget Gratitude Practice!
November Celebrations!
Birthday wishes and blessings to our November People!
Day of the Dead/All Souls Day – Wednesday, November 1st
Full Moon - Friday, November 3rd
Daylight Savings time begins Sunday, November 5th
New Moon – Saturday, November 18th
Happy Holidays to all!
November Scheduled Events
Wednesday, November 1st 7pm-9pm “In-service” Journey Circle RSVP
November 3rd
7pm-10pm Full Moon Fire Ceremony $10-$20 RSVP
November 11th     
10:00am-12:30pm Advanced Journey Class $20 RSVP
November 19th
1pm-3:30pm Introduction to Shamanic Journey $25 class full
Sending out an abundance of blessings to all for a magical month!  Katy
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