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Shamanic Teachings & Practices
Shamanism is a Path of Direct Revelation. It is the earliest spiritual practice known to humankind. Shamanism teaches us that everything is connected. Shamans interact directly with spirits to address the spiritual aspect of illnesses.

The shamanic journey is a practice common to all shamans and cultures throughout history. During the journey the shaman enters an altered state of consciousness to journey outside of time and space in non-ordinary reality in order to receive healing help and information for patients, family and community. This workshop focuses on the practice of the shamanic journey.

Workshop Construct: teaching, demonstration, experiential interaction, discussion and sharing.
Topics Covered:
Learn how to create and anchor sacred space
Cosmologies of the three worlds Lower, Upper and Middle
Protection for Self and Clients
The Shamanic Journey Process
Journeying to the Lower, Upper and Middle Worlds
Exploring non-ordinary reality
How to relate with the spirit world
Learn about power animals and teacher guides helping spirits
Learn about illness from a shamanic perspective
Going to the Lower, Upper and Middle Worlds
Meeting Power Animal(s) and Teacher Guides
Working with the Elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth
Healing Journeys
Divination Journeys

This workshop is a 2-day Intensive Weekend Workshop. Participants attending will learn solid journey skills and how to integrate all teachings into their present lifestyle. There is no prerequisite for this workshop; however, this workshop is a prerequisite for any of the Advanced Shamanic Workshops and studies taught by Katy Ingersoll.
2018 - Beginning Shamanic Journey Workshop Schedule
2-Day Intensive Workshop

Saturday, March 17 & Sunday, March 18, 2018 from 10 am 5:30 pm Tuition/registration due by March 8th, 2018

Saturday, November 3 & Sunday, November 4, 2018 from 10 am 5:30 pm Tuition/registration due by October 25, 2018

Location: Glendora, California
Tuition: $240 (if you have attended Introductory Shamanic Journey Class, the full cost of that class is credited toward this class) Tuition includes, lunches, snacks and beverages. $75 deposit guarantees seat. Class size is limited to 8 participants.

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Check payable to: Katy Ingersoll, PO Box 2284, Glendora, California 91740

Contact Katy: 626-483-8920 or

Katy Ingersoll reserves the right to cancel any Workshop Training or Class for any reason. In this instance, all fees paid in advance will be completely refunded. In addition, Katy Ingersoll reserves the right to cancel the participation of any person in a workshop at any time. In that instance, fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.
Beginning Shamanic Journey 2018
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