Reiki Master Practitioner-Teacher
Shamanic Practitioner-Teacher

Katy Ingersoll is a Shamanic and Reiki practitioner-teacher, a healer and spiritual counselor, an inspirational educator. Steeped in tradition she artfully combines the riches of ancient healing methods achieving genuine results for her clients and students.

“My desire is to be in service to my community. Every individual on earth is a luminous being. With our unique gifts we enter the world in complete, luminous perfection. Oftentimes along the pathway of life we lose our way, our identity, our power! It is as though our light has gone out.

“I want to be in service to those individuals seeking their way back to their light, their perfection, their empowerment, to a more joyous life, re-introducing the “magic” back into their life by integrating ancient techniques with the needs of our modern world.”

For over a decade Katy has searched out and studied with the foremost group of 21st Century Shamanic Teachers and Reiki Masters.

REIKI – Katy is a certified Master-Teacher in Usui/Holy Fire, Karuna®/Holy Fire, Crystal Reiki, Drumming and Komyo Reiki. She studied with several independent Reiki Masters, with Jessica Miller, Laurelle Gaia and Michael Baird, Licensed Reiki Teachers of The International Center of Reiki Training, and with Hyakuten Inamoto. Katy is a Professional member with The International Center for Reiki Training. She is listed on their website as a practitioner and teacher under Reiki Practitioners and Teachers, California, Glendora at www.reiki.org.

SHAMANISM – Katy studied and trained under Esther Miriam Jenkins, School For The Shamanic Arts, in the Andean-Peruvian Tradition receiving all rites and initiations.

Katy studied and trained under Betsy Bergstrom Middle World Shamanic Healing Practices, including Compassionate Depossession, Shamanic Mediumship, Curse Unraveling, Psychopomp Work, Extraction work, completed the 2-year Wheel-of-Life class, and Seidr Practice. Katy is listed on Betsy’s website under Referrals at www.betstybergstrom.com.

Katy studied and trained under Sandra Ingerman in the art of Soul Retrieval, Medicine for the Earth, Healing with Spiritual Light, and completed the 2-year Teacher Training Class. Katy is listed on Sandra’s website as a practitioner and teacher under California, Glendora at www.shamanicteachers.com.

TEACHES-PRACTICE-WORKS-VOLUNTEERS – Katy currently teaches Shamanic and Reiki classes, facilitates monthly fire ceremonies, journeying groups, and has a private practice. Katy works and volunteers at Citrus Valley Health Partners, Resource Center providing Reiki Therapy to patients receiving radiation and chemotherapy, and at Citrus Valley Hospice providing spiritual support and Reiki Therapy.

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